Dock ramp
Dock ramp

Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers

Rana Material Handling Equipments Pvt. Ltd are manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of industrial mezzanine floor in India and overseas market. A mezzanine floor is a middle floor that is installed between the roof of floor and the ground floor to provide extra space to storage. They are also used for manufacturing distribution and expansion of retail space.

Types of Mezzanine Floor

  1. Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor

A rack supported mezzanine floor construction happens without structured columns. Rack Support mezzanine system is the most cost effective way to optimize space at heights in your warehouse.

  1. Steel Structure Mezzanine Floor

Steel structure mezzanine floor is also called steel structure platform. Toe mezzanine can be built into two tier or above the double, triple your warehouse capacity.

  1. The steel floor Mezzanine Grating is a self supporting walk on platform of steel construction which can some times also be driven on.
  2. Particle based mezzanine floor
  3. Catwalk Mezzanine floor
  4. Multilevel mezzanine floor


  • Usage: Warehouses, Godown, etc 
  • Material: Metal alloys
  • Sizes and designs: As per client’s need

Product Details:

Size (length x Width)Customise
Storage CapacityCustomise