Dock ramp
Dock ramp

Hydraulic Goods Lift

Rana Material Handling Equipment’s Pvt Ltd, a manufacturers and suppliers, exporters of Hydraulic Goods lift in India. We provides a quality range of Hydraulic goods lift to the customers and offering Maintenance and installation service of Hydraulic Goods Lifts. Our range of goods lift is made premium quality raw material and available in different shape, designs, models, capacities according to the customer requirements. This type hydraulic goods lifts are highly suitable for the customer to fit the product exactly to his needs. Hydraulic Goods Lift is suitable for warehouse, industrial, transporting heavy goods from one store to another.

Hydraulic Goods Lift


Model no.CapacityLifting HeightPlatform SizeClosed Height
RHGL 10-401000 kgs4000 mm1500x2000mm300mm
RHGL 10-601000 kgs6000 mm1500x2000mm300mm
RHGL 10-801000 kgs8000 mm1500x2000mm300mm
RHGL 10-1001000 kgs10000 mm1500x2000mm300mm
RHGL 20-402000 kgs4000 mm1500x2000mm300mm
RHGL 20-602000 kgs6000 mm1500x2000mm300mm
RHGL 20-802000 kgs8000 mm1500x2000mm300mm
RHGL 20-1002000 kgs10000 mm1500x2000mm300mm
RHGL 30-403000 kgs4000 mm1500x2000mm300mm
RHGL 30-603000 kgs6000 mm1500x2000mm300mm

OR Customized as per customer Requirement up to 12 meter.