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Rana Materials Handling Pvt Ltd is a trusted name globally in the area of manufacturing, supply as well as export of different varieties of top-quality cantilever storage rack systems. The design of this rack system by our expert technologists is provided for long items with variation in length and these include metal beams, pipes, molding, wooden boards, metal as well as plastic sheets apart from various other materials having usage in warehouse godowns apart from various other industries.

The cantilever storage rack comprises columns with vertical beams apart from one or two horizontal beams located at the base for providing stability, durability as well as the obstacle-free installation as well as usage. Our technologists design such rack systems with high-quality raw materials in multiple sizes, colors as well as specifications. We at Rana Equipment provide customized options based on the client’s demand as well as requirements.

Some of The Features With Our Such Products Are:

  • No limitation when it comes to the length requirement
  • We provide both interiors as well as exterior installations
  • Arm length, as well as the distance between uprights, can be adjusted based on load weight
  • Completely modular
  • You can add extra sections based on the need
  • Certified manufacturing


  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Superior quality
  • Long lasting service

Product Details:

Height 1500- 6000 mm
Storage Capacity 300-1000Kg/arm
Color Blue and orange
Brand Rana

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