About Us

Rana Material Handling Equipments Pvt Ltd has developed a market reputation as the company has taken the manufacturing of warehouse equipment to an altogether different level by making use of the latest technology available through its research and development platform.

The company has indulged in the competitive development of the industrial racking system as well through the custom design solutions provided by the engineers associated with the company. All the products manufactured are by the specific demands of the customer base spread globally making the engineering products of the company highly relevant from its export business point of view.

At Rana Storage, we design our multiple equipment and mechanical products with a full focus on specific design functionality. We apply the state of the art technology to give the perfect answer for warehouse solutions.

We Update Our Talent on A Timely Basis

We have a perfect focus on the engineering area of the products that we design and manufacture. We have achieved all this in a shorter period. With our rich experience in the area of warehousing, we are zooming high in the sector of global exports making our products highly credible in the different countries where we supply them. All this process has helped us to provide cost-effective solutions through the utilization of technical knowledge and experience in warehouse equipment manufacturing.

We Firmly Stay in Market Competition

At Rana Material Handling Equipments Pvt Ltd, we are here to stay firm in the market competition and we always outperform in comparison to our competitors in the export business. The credit goes to the highly experienced engineering managers associated with us who have vast experience in the research and development of warehouse products. Because of this, our products are technically superior but we also keep the scope of improvement. This makes us reputable in this domain and we have listed ourselves in the top network when it comes to technical product suppliers.

A Great Business Sense

For the success of the business, you need integrity and honesty. We follow these principles to make a product that has international relevance.

Our Mission

We have a strong business vision for technology development and manufacturing of warehouse products after the research and development from the best technical minds associated with us. We have taken our products across the globe because of the demand of our global clients. We have excelled in the export of our mechanical products in the warehouse business sector.

Our Vision

We have a strong vision of business expansion across the globe. Our vision stands on a strong foundation of honesty, warehouse product development, and export. We hold the latest technology and quality associated with our mechanical engineering products as a top priority.

Our Commitment

Apart from the perfect manufacturing through our expert technologists, we do focus on other important aspects of business like consultancy, planning as well as maintenance. We deliver all accepted projects in the exact time duration as discussed with the client through our customer relationship team. Rana storage does not disappoint when it comes to commitment. Our priority is not just the financial value of the order but we believe in the delivery of perfection irrespective of the project value. We have been in international trade for many years, positioning us among leading exporters.