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Rana Material Handling Equipments Pvt. Ltd. carved a niche as one of the major Edge of Dock Levelers Manufacturers in India. Our standard mechanical Edge of Dock Leveler is designed for operation ±5" above and below dock level for gas forklifts or ±3” for all other equipments.

  • Edge -of-dock leveler is developed in compliance with the latest European safety standard EN1398.
  • It has capacity 6Ton and is suitable for use with all types of loading equipment like HOPT to Fork-lifts.
  • The open hinge lip construction, carries a lifetime guarantee and has a solid welded connection between the lip plate and the beams under the deck to ensure the lip angle of 7.5 degree will be maintained.
  • It is extremely important when loading/unloading vehicles with bed heights above dock level, to ensure that the lip always lays flat on the vehicle floor to avoid the tripping hazard.

Our Vertical Dock Levelers in India is ideally designed to bridge the gap between loading docks and vehicles, ensuring seamless material transfer. Crafted with precision, our Telescopic Dock Leveler boasts a sturdy steel structure that can withstand heavy loads. The hydraulic system guarantees smooth and controlled movements, enhancing safety and efficiency. Quality materials and advanced engineering ensure durability even in challenging environments.

How Is Edge of Dock Levelers Beneficial For Your Warehouse?

  • Streamlines loading and unloading processes, improving efficiency.
  • Compact design saves valuable floor space in the warehouse.
  • Enhances safety with reliable bridging between truck and dock.
  • Quick and easy installation, reducing downtime during setup.
  • Cost-effective solution compared to traditional dock levelers.

Top Edge Of Dock Levelers Suppliers and Exporters in India

We supply Edge of Dock Levelers and other storage solutions to enhance the space and capacity of the various industry storage needs. We have a vast network to provide the best dock levelers solution for your warehouse anywhere in India. Being the well-known Edge of Dock Levelers Supplier and Exporter in India, we are a highly motivated squad with the capacity to deliver your item promptly and securely to your location. With easy customization option, we have also acquired huge clientele in Dubai, Canada, Nepal, Kuwait, Muscat, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Australia, Sri Lanka and beyond. We promise to tailor Vertical Dock Levelers to your industry's needs at a price that beats the competition. To ensure that our customers are completely satisfied, we provide them with a wide range of solutions.

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