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We are leading manufacturers and exporters of carton flow rack in India. A carton flow rack is a type of shelving system that is designed to store and organize cartons or boxes in a warehouse or distribution center. It uses gravity to move cartons or boxes from the loading end of the rack to the picking end.

The system consists of inclined shelves with roller tracks or wheel beds that allow cartons or boxes to glide down to the picking end by gravity. As one carton or box is removed from the picking end, the next one moves forward automatically, providing a continuous supply of inventory for picking operations.

Carton flow racks are commonly used in order picking operations for fast-moving SKUs or products with high turnover rates. They are ideal for high-density storage areas where there is limited floor space.

Carton flow rack can be customized to meet specific storage requirements. Accessories such as dividers, lane guides, and flow brakes can be added to improve organization and control the flow of products down the rack.

Product Details:

Storage Capacity Up to 35 ton
Brand RANA
Type Carton flow rack
Surface treatment Powder Coated
Usage Warehouse rack

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