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We are the largest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters semi battery hydraulic order picker in India. A hydraulic order picker, also known as a hydraulic stock picker, is a type of material handling equipment used to retrieve products and materials from high shelves or racks. It is commonly used in warehouse and distribution centers where efficient picking and stocking operations are essential.

Our range of hydraulic order picker is well design, comfortable secure and innovative picking of products. It is made by high quality raw materials, high durability and customized design make it easy to use in the warehouse and industries for picking the products.

Battery Operated Order Picker

We are the largest manufacturers and exporters of battery operated hydraulic order picker in India. Our range of Battery Operated Hydraulic Order Picker is made high quality raw material durability, easy to use, comfortable and low maintenance. You can easily use these kind of order order in the warehouse and industries.


Model No Capacity Lifting Height
RSEOP-2-27 300 Kgs 2700 mm
RSEOP 2-33 300 Kgs 2700 mm
RSEOP 1-40 300 Kgs 4000 mm
RSEOP 1-45 300 Kgs 4500 mm

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