What is The Purpose of a Mezzanine Floor?

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Accrued the Italian word “Mezzanino” and irrespective of the original building structure the mezzanine floor is an upper level floor area which cab be added either immediately or long after the building infrastructure is complete. It is a semi permanent structure which is fitted within the internal space of a building often described as an open fronted floor positioned between floor and ceiling. Recruiting unoccupied over head space and converting into usable floor space

The mezzanine can extend out covering the entire footprint of the room and where there is enough vertical space a mezzanine can be multi leveled. The concept behind the mezzanine floor is to used all available space within your business premises intelligently which leads to the creation of additional workspace without the cost or disruption of extending the building or relocating.

Is A Mezzanine Floor Sustainable?

When we say the mezzanine is a “semi – permanent” structure. You many questions durability and longevity however there is no need for concern. Mezzanine floors are specifically designed to suit the intended and use and as one of the India’s leading mezzanine floor designers and manufacturers. We can assure you of endurance and stability. You require additional office space or stage areas, with the right design you can really on your mezzanine floor to provide a long term sustainable solution. With long lasting lifespan, the sustained mezzanine floor is a made up of structural steel parts with weight bearing requirements designed in to support any intended use.

Mezzanine Floor Components

Column: Reaching from the floor to the base of the mezzanine. The number and type of the columns will have been stipulated in the planning and design stages.

Primary Steel or Beams: The primary beams are usually made from UB sections on a standard warehouse floor, though this will depend on the weight bearing requirements of the floor.

Secondary Steels or Purlins: Purlins are fixed to the primary steels, bearing the weight of the mezzanine flooring. The number and type of purlins will again depend on the decisions made in planning stage, including the amount of deflection expected for the floor.

Decking: Decking is placed on top of the purlins 38mm P6 chipboard is standard flooring, though there are a wide variety of different options including moisture resistant.

Mezzanine Floor Access Features

Along side the mezzanine floor, we work closely with you to understand the range of ancillaries requirement to support the efficient & safe use of your mezzanine floor. Rana Material handling Equipment’s is the top mezzanine floor manufacturers in India. There are numerous ways to safely transport goods and people too and from a mezzanine floor level and the most suitable methods will largely depend on the functions carried out on the mezzanine platform.