Dock ramp
Dock ramp

Battery Operated Hydraulic Stacker

We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of battery operated hydraulic stacker in India. Our range of hydraulic stacker is made premium quality raw material and available in different size, models and specification according to customer requirements. Battery operated hydraulic stacker is an warehouse and industrial choice for a variety of basic material handling needs, which is a battery operated fork lift for load, unload and short distance transportation with no noise and pollution. It is very useful toll in warehouse and industries to loading material and goods, easy to use and time saving technology.


Model NoCapacity KGLifting Height
RHEST 10-2010002000MM
RHEST 10-2510002500MM
RHEST 10-3010003000MM
RHEST 10-3510003500MM
RHEST 10-4010004000MM
RHEST 10-4510004500MM
RHEST 10-6010006000MM
RHEST 15-2515002500MM
RHEST 15-3015003000MM
RHEST 15-3515003500MM
RHEST 15-4515004500MM
RHEST 15-6015006000MM